Terms & Conditions

We offer shipping to the Hamm show in Germany! Please contact us for more details.

Terms, Conditions & Shipping Information – Canada

Please read and understand our terms, conditions and shipping information BEFORE placing an order with us. By placing an order with us you are agreeing to our terms.
We ship with Air Canada Cargo exclusively. We have a flat rate of $85 for Canadian orders under $1500. We cover shipping on orders over $1500.
All animals must be paid for in full prior to shipping and are not considered sold until a 25% deposit has been received. Deposits are non-refundable. Animals and shipping where applicable must be paid for in full prior to packing and shipping your order. The time frame to pay for your order in full will be discussed on a per case basis but as a general rule once an animal is spoken for we would like it paid for and shipped well within 30 days due to the limited space in our facility.
In the rare event you do have an issue, We guarantee live arrival as long as you are at the airport at the time of arrival. Please contact us immediately if there are any issues and save the body until further notice. Unbox your animals at the airport in the presence of Air Canada staff and begin a claim with them immediately if there are any issues. We pay for insurance on all our shipments and this allows us to be reimbursed by Air Canada if an animal is found DOA due to shipping delays or complications. Although there is nothing we can do to prevent loss due to carrier mishandling or delays, because shipments are insured we will cover the loss as long as you unboxed the order at Air Canada and began a claim. Take clear photos of the body from several angles and send them to us, and use them in your Air Canada claim. We will attempt to replace the animal, or will refund your money if a replacement is not available.
Our animals come with a 30 day health guarantee. The guarantee is only valid for the customer on the original invoice. You must notify us immediately if you notice any issues or the guarantee is void. We do not reimburse for veterinary care and your guarantee is void if you attempt any doctoring of the animal yourself without first checking with us. If you are unhappy with the animal for any reason you may return is for a refund. You are responsible for the shipping costs to return an animal. We reserve the right to void our guarantee at any time due to questionable care or improper husbandry.
All of our animals are feeding, healthy and free of genetic diseases. They have been accurately sexed if the sex is indicated and we also guarantee our hets 100%. We keep thorough records and do our best to fully disclose hets or possible hets but cannot guarantee that animals are not also carrying other recessive mutations.

Terms, Conditions & Shipping Information – International

*****note: international shipping can take time time please ask if this is a concern, but we do try to ship monthly****

Our international terms are the same as above with the following exceptions. Ground courier is available in the US only, through a third party, and only when you live more than 2 hours from an international airport. If you choose to use a ground courier you are responsible for the cost of it as well as the cost of air freight to the third party for shipping. You must be home at the time of arrival for our guarantees to be valid. International air freight through Air Canada will be quoted on a per case basis but averages around $300. You are responsible for determining and communicating to us your country’s import laws. Health certificates are available for $50 USD when necessary. We are not responsible for loss due to delays through customs if you have not provided us with the information to fulfill your country’s import laws.