About Us

Xtreme Exotics was established in 2004 and in 2006 I met Holly and we both began growing the business into what it is today, one of Canada’s largest multi-species reptile and amphibian breeders. With a combined 51 years of reptile and amphibian keeping experience, this business is a passion turned profession for both of us. We are primarily a wholesale company supplying pet stores, other wholesalers, zoos and breeders. (We offer some of our higher end stock for private sale on our Available pages.) We are proud of the fact that we are a home-based business and offer unmatched quality when it comes to the stock we produce. The health and well being of the animals in our care is always our priority. We work with well over 50 species and have expanded to offer many of our animals outdoor enclosures for the warmer months. We are situated on an acreage and located in beautiful northern Ontario, Canada. Thank you for considering us as a source for your animals. We are looking forward to serving you.
-Brandon Boyes